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[TBC]Trip in ShanDong山东 Province - Photos of China [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Photos of China

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[TBC]Trip in ShanDong山东 Province [Dec. 17th, 2009|04:58 pm]
Photos of China
[music |Bad Apple]

My trip during this summer vacation in ShanDong Province 山东省.



----------------------------------------↑cute bench,isn't it 8D

*1(Introduction quoted,beside the bridge) " Lianxin Qiao 连心桥 This stone arch bridge,also called Lianxin Qiao(Lucky Bridge),6.75meters long and 1.65 meter wide,was build in1989.Following local customs,lovers and newly married couples would always attach a lock on the bridge,demonstrating their determination to permanently love each other throughout their whole life." How ROMANTIC! lol *2 A queue of staff doing evening exercise Maybe just advertising meaning,i guess. this photo was taken in an open air restaurant,opposite the Tsingtao Brewery. I have to say the handsome waiter there is one of my reasons of this choice XD

←China Navy Museum

II即墨 Jimo/Tsimo

It is just a peaceful small town in my eyes.Jimo is known by hots prings(my experience:very hot!0 0) Another story about Jimo is...即墨灯会Jimo Lantern Festival mentioned in 仙剑奇侠传四(an impressive RPG Game by Software in Taiwan,China),although i'm still not sure if this festival really exist there...

←my favourite photo!

III济南 Jinan 
In 趵突泉公园 Baotu Spring Garden